CCTV & Video Surveillance Systems

The barrier to entry for having your own CCTV video surveillance system has been lowered a great deal with access to technology and advances in wireless and digital video recording equipment. Smile your on TV 🙂

Securitech can assist you with CCTV and Video Surveillance system setups, repairs and maintenance. Whether its a basic camera to view and record system or advanced IP networked systems that can be accessed online and via mobile devices, With automated recording triggers, analysis and data storage units Securitech had the technology to get you up and viewing in no time.  Call or SMS us and get a quote – 076 858 8087

We have the parts, products, equipment and analysis tools to help you solve your problem, let us fix  your CCTV system. A basic cable issue could cause your entire video surveillance and recording to go down, using advanced electrical equipment to determine exactly where the faults may be we save you time and money.

Sent us your details & we will call you back

Top of the range, internationally recognised products and brands such as Honeywell, Axis, Aviglon, Bosch and Samsung as well as local, always available replacement parts are on hand at all times.

Get the full picture and know what is going on at your business, home and properties at all times. From perimeter to warehouse, stock rooms and entire home solutions Securitech is the partner to choose.

  • All weather proof
  • Simple to Advanced layouts
  • Wire and wireless solutions
  • HDD, True colour & best quality video
  • Recoding and advanced playback functions
  • Direct to mobile viewing solutions
  • Guarantees and maintenance included

Capture it all on CCTV, have an eye on your investments at all times.

076 858 8087

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